Newsletter 26th September 2021

Next Week

We have Rev Dennis Lloyd with us continuing our series ‘ The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ He will be  preaching about David and Goliath and is likely to reflect on how ‘giants’ (such as, for example, addiction, anxiety, unforgiveness) can be beaten today.

Ellie’s Catch Up 

Hello! I am back for the new academic year and ready to get back into working with the young people of our community. Over the summer we had a weekend away with Youth for Christ and we concentrated our worship sessions and activities on Hebrews 12: 1-3 and the final evening gave the young people an opportunity to accept Jesus into their lives and a few young people took it and surrendered their lives to Jesus!!! 

So, this year I am excited to do follow up mentoring and discipleship and ensure that these commitments are solidified and that the young people know the continuous and everlasting love of God. We will also be doing Girl’s Groups and Cluster groups that will encourage the young people to look to their community for support and prayer. For the younger children we will be restarting Rock Solid on Thursday evenings for years 5-8. I am so grateful for the continued prayerful as well as the practical support from the church and I ask that you continue to pray for the young people as well as for the starting of all the groups for this academic year, that they may go well and that we may faithfully point young people to the love of God.

God bless,
Ellie Hodgson

Family News

Thank you everyone for the amazing generosity shown in contributing to the Food Bank as part of our Harvest Festival celebrations. We were able to provide:

Tea bags 1    Part Baked Bread 13 (Baker’s dozen!)   Beans 6   Tinned Veg 6   
Pasta and Rice 5   Soups 26   Spaghetti 30   Tinned Potatoes 17   Tinned Fish 7
Puddings 33   Loo Rolls 2   Washing up Liquid 4   Shaving Foam 4   Razors 4

Covid Lockdown Patchwork

If you can stretch your minds right back to Spring last year, you might remember I asked if anyone would like to stitch little fabric squares to represent our thoughts about covid lockdown. Lesley has reminded me that we need to get together and see if we can put these all together. So if you did make any please let me know and we’ll arrange a time to meet up.

Church Council

Our next Church Council meeting is on Wednesday 6th October 2021 7.00pm


At this time of particular challenges,  we aim to  ‘up’ the level of prayer in the church, recognising that God is the one who makes things happen, but likes to involve us at the same time. We are therefore providing the opportunity to prayer on Tuesdays. Rev John will be leading us on the 28th September starting at 7.14 p.m. (this first meeting will be on Zoom).

A Prayer for Peace   

Prince of peace, as the world lives in hope for an end to the ravages of the pandemic, please instil in us all a desire for compassion, kindness, peace and courage to stand up against acts of hate, great and small, online and offline. He;lp us to realise that this cannot happen without Your help. Amen

Light and Salt in Society

We should not ask, “What is wrong with the world?” for that diagnosis has already been given. Rather “What has happened to the salt and light?” Christian salt has no business to remain snugly in elegant little ecclesiastical salt cellars; our place is to be rubbed into the secular community, as salt is rubbed into meat to stop it going bad.  John Stott



“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”  
 Lewis B Smedes, quoted in the “Inspiring Women” notes


“Dear Jesus, when I woke in the morning my body ached all over.  I felt miserable and low in spirit, trying to cope with the pain and sleeplessness of the night.  I asked you, Jesus, to help me through another day.

Thank you once more, Jesus – you heard and answered my prayer.”   
 Bishop Hugh of Lincoln, 1200 – from Lesley’s book


Two Christian prisoners on the exercise yard were explaining to a third inmate about the battle that rages in the heavenlies. When convicts came to faith, I would explain that life may become a little difficult because the evil one will be angry that he has lost another soul. Therefore, I suggested, “Be prepared to deal with it in a way that honours Jesus”. They were explaining all this to the third inmate. Suddenly a football came flying over from the nearby pitch and smacked this third inmate in the ear with such force that it momentarily knocked him to the ground! As he was recovering and getting up, they said, “Do you see what we mean?” Surprisingly, the Accommodation Block also provided some lighter moments. A prisoner had a satanic picture on his cell wall. It was so horrible, the stuff of nightmares. I had the impression it was there for my benefit in that he was waiting for me to order him to remove it. I decided I was not going to play along with his game. As things turned out, I did not have to. Whenever I went to his cell, as part of the usual security checks, I would make a special point of not noticing it. This prisoner had a mate who had been “nicked” and consequently knew he would be spending a few days down the “Block.” So, he asked his friend (the one with the picture) if he would look after his pet budgie while he was away. This was agreed between the two of them. As soon as the bird settled in, he mistook the picture for lunch and proceeded to chew it into a thousand pieces! This forced the owner to take it down. How sad is that??!!

I believe God sometimes has a real sense of humour!!
Bafflin’ Brian

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