Food for Thought

Here are some links to video talks by Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft from Soul Survivor Church Watford that we’ve found helpful – hope you are blessed by them too

The One Thing That’s Needed

Sometimes He Rescues Us, Sometimes He Meets Us in the Furnace of Suffering

Living Out Your Purpose

Unity is Worship

The Joy Set Before Him

God’s Love is Boundless

His ways are not our ways

Faith and Doubt

How to have confidence around Jesus when we are struggling

How to Renew Your Strength

Finding Courage Again

Fruitful in the land of suffering

Helpful Questions For Our Battle With Fear

God brings good out of evil (Romans 8 v 28)

Hold your nerve and keep on trusting

Who are we and what do we do?

A simple strategy for a new year

The Throne of Grace in a World of Pain

How can I have more peace?

Jesus is a gift to you

Christmas & Courage

To know Him is to love Him

You are a branch

The Four Secrets to Answered Prayer

Finding Hope in despair

Jesus, the Way, the Truth, the Life!

Betrayed with a kiss

When He Said Glorified He Meant Crucified

Becoming a Beginner Again for Jesus

I Am The Good Shepherd

Light In A Dark Time

More of Jesus Means Less of Me!

Signs That Show Us Jesus

Jesus’ Method of Evangelism: Relationship!

God is Kinder Than we Realise!

In a Time of Challenge Where Should I Be Looking?

Wonderful Jesus!

The Spirit Gives Power, Love & Self Discipline

Be Strong and Courageous! How?

Under Pressure? Jesus Wants You to Eat Breakfast With Him

Stairway to Heaven

A Changing World But the Same God

The Story of samson: Warning & Encouragement

Cast Your Cares on The One Who Cares For You

Dealing With Disappointment

How To Keep Going When Things Are Hard

Go On a Treasure Hunt!

So You Want to be Great? Here’s How

How to Raise up Paul of Tarsus and Andy Croft of Watford

I Was Expecting Life To Be Easier

Lord, I Don’t Understand….

The Joy and Blessing of Spiritual Parenting

What Happens When I Die?

Be Like Jesus: Invest in People

Death: Facing the Last Enemy

Doing What Jesus Did

Want to Weather Any Storm? Put Down Roots Today!

God Transforms Us (It’s Less Painful When We Cooperate)

Death, Resurrection and Heaven

God is the Great Giver – Learn to Receive!

The Christian Life Begins With Sitting

God Has a Plan

Success Is Not What We Think It Is

How Should I Spend My Life?

How a Time of Suffering Can Become a Blessing

He Uses the Little We Have for Miracles

The Most Important Habit We’ll Ever Have

The Faith That God Loves and Responds To

Giving Generously!

Our God Invites, He Does Not Force Us

Six Ways God Answers Prayer

Prayer As a Way of Giving God Our Burdens

Kill Your Idols Before They Kill You

What’s on Jesus’ ‘Prayer List’?

He Saved Us For Fullness of Life and Joy!

How Prayer Becomes Enjoyable

Go! A Meditation on The Great Commission

Handling Conflict: The Right Kind of Honesty

Handling Conflict: Keys to Good Conversations

The Suffering and The Glory!

Handling Conflict: where to Begin?

What Kind of Church Does God Long For?

Struggling to Have a secure Identity? The Spirit Helps!

Why love Sometimes Means Sacrificing Freedom

Do You know How Much You Are Worth?

What If We Believed The Father Knew Our Name

Praying In The Spirit

I Can Resist Everything Except Temptation

How Can We Depend on The Holy Spirit?

Joy Makes Us Strong

What does It Mean To Live In The Spirit?

How Might GodSpeak to Me?

Help, I Don’t Know What To do!

In Prison? The Lord is With You And Will Prosper You

How To Be A Great Friend

How Love Makes Us Real

God’s Antidote To Loneliness

The blessing of Vulnerability and Therefore Authenticity

Father, show Me what I Can’t See

100+ Days in Lockdown – What Are We Noticing About Ourselves?

Coming Back To The Heart of Worship!

Don’t Burn Out!

Extavagant Worship Means Giving It All To Him

The Power of Words – When We Praise

Wasting Ourselves on Jesus

The Power of Words – Admitting Our Mistakes!

The Power of Words – Affirming Others

Good Ambition v Bad Ambition: What’s the Difference?

The Gospel and Perfectionism

God Walks 3 Miles an Hour, slow Down To Keep Up With Him

But God, This sounds Really Hard

Knowing The Father’s Love is a Game Changer

But God, That Sounds Crazy!?

How Faith Thrives in the Culture

Messages to Leaders and Aspiring Leaders

Going Against the Flow

How to Respond When It All Goes Wrong

Living in a Culture That Doesn’t Share Our Beliefs

How Miracles Happen

How Might I Approach My Work? Part Two

How Might I Approach My Work? Part One

The Joy of Obedience

How to be a Happy Christian

Worship: A Language of Love

Being The Blessing

He Will Never Stop Loving You

Lessons From The Dessert. 1) Humility

A Lesson For Our ‘Inner Pharisee’

Lessons From The Dessert. 2) The Secret and Power of Praise and Thanksgiving

Lessons From The Dessert. 4) Becoming a Voice And Not Just an Echo

Learning to Rest Well Part Two

The Father Runs to Us!

Disciplines That Set Us Free – Part 3 – Worship and Study

Principles of Intercession Part 3

What Are My Habits doing To Me?

The Discipline of Celebration

Disciplines That Transform Us – Service and Submission

Practising Classic Spiritual Leads To Freedom And Transformation

Principles of Intercession Part 3

Living Bravely

Being an Encourager

The Key to Power – Surrender

The Spirit Helps Us Change

The Spirit Helps Us ‘Get It’

How Can I receive The Spirit?

Who Is My Neighbour?

Full Of Mercy

Come To Me All You Who Are Weary

Principles Of Intercession Part 2: Agony!

Principles of Intercession Part 1: Identification

Disciplines That Set Us Free Part 3: Worship and Study

How Can We Find Joy In Our Old Age? Invest in More Than a Pension!

God moves into the neighbourhood

His word is sweet to my taste and a lamp…

The friend who knows AND loves us

Jesus is working from home

Be like a tree!

Practising the presence of God

Lessons from the dessert 3

The secret to happiness

How to read the Bible for all it is worth

Our amazing God goes ahead of us

Learning to rest well

Jesus weeps for you

When our flaws are obvious

The truth that sets us free

Does God listen when I pray?

Finding peace in the chaos

Winning the battle of the mind

Praying in a crisis

How to be patient

Love Doesn’t Keep Score

A Time for Kindness

Preferring Others

The Weaker I Get, The Stronger I Become

Love always looks for the best