Newsletter April 24th 2022                        

This Week   

Michael Pilavachi will be speaking about ‘Jesus and the Other Two Disciples’ – an original and ‘unique’ interpretation of events before and after the resurrection, and where we fit in the story.

Next Week  

 Rev Dennis is preaching. Come along to find out what he says

On Tuesday May 17th at 7.30 pm, there is an important meeting to discuss the way ahead for the church. Please come along if at all possible to share your views.

Widow Repairs

When the stained glass window was repaired, they made ten mistakes.  Can you spot them?

The latest research from the Marriage Foundation that shows that even those who aren’t Christian are more likely to work on a relationship if they have cemented it in marriage. 

While we know that churches hold marriage in high esteem, we might assume the general public doesn’t really care so much about tying the knot. But new research from Marriage Foundation, which took a cross-section of society in its latest study: “Would you still be together if you hadn’t got married?”, reveals this isn’t the full picture.

The study spoke to 2,000 married adults aged 30 and over. Nearly four in ten (37 per cent) of those married for three years said it had helped them stick together, and almost one in three (30 per cent) said the same thing after ten years.

Marriage Foundation’s research director Harry Benson said: “These figures show the clear beneficial effect of getting married, which for the first time we have been able to quantify through ground-breaking research and analysis. It also helps put a sword to the lie that it doesn’t matter, because as we see, for a sizeable proportion, tying the knot seems to have both a stabilising effect on their relationship and leads to happier couples.” 

The foundation has found that three factors improve both stability and satisfaction within marriage:

Making a decision – helping people focus on the task in hand, stick at it and cope with difficulties along the way

Making a plan – allows people to be on the same page, removes any lingering ambiguity and gives a clear signal of commitment

Making a commitment – committing to one person means closing the door on all the other options

Benson said: “It is possible to find some, even very occasionally all of these important factors in other forms of relationship, but our research suggests they are more closely associated with marriage. This helps to explain why so many couples say getting married has helped them to stick together and has even made them happier.”

As Christians we know that God’s ways work; it is great when others discover the wisdom behind his design too.

So let’s take time to remember and celebrate the benefits in our own marriages, particularly if times are tough. And let’s thank God for his beautiful design for the marriage relationship and the positive impact it has on the community around us.


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