Newsletter 26th June 202

Message from our Minister:

We are now officially in the summer months and the hope is that the good weather will continue. The opportunity to relax and recharge our batteries is so important. Whether at home relaxing in the garden, enjoying the island, walking the hills, exploring the coastline or going to some far off country, I trust that you will find renewal and refreshment. Sometimes it’s just enough to do things differently for a change and snap out of the old routine. It can be amazingly refreshing.

We have been challenged again recently about the church having to do things differently; looking afresh at how we might connect with the community in Carisbrooke and Gunville and today’s generation. We have been encouraged to prayerfully consider innovative ways of sharing the good news of Jesus. The challenge before us is how we might take the message to places where people gather, making it is accessible to them. All this is done carefully and thoughtfully, and in a way that does not compromise the essential ingredients of the gospel message. 

It is also extremely important that when we gather together, the church fellowship is seen as both permeable and yet closely knit and offering warmth of welcome.

For some, the enjoyment of the summer months is having a barbeque. Jesus taught us what it meant to gather around food. He even cooked a barbeque breakfast for his disciples on the beach!  It was often around a meal that he met with people, and then responded to their needs. Perhaps we could consider having a barbeque at church over the summer and invite the neighbours round. It might be one way of exercising our culinary skills in the open air, enjoying a meal together and sharing some good news! 

God’s richest blessing to you all.                                                                 Rev John Izzard


Ellie will be speaking to us.  The topic is Peter’s escape from prison in Acts 12.

Next Sunday, 3rd July:

10.30 am Morning service: Our preacher will be Chris Reddecliffe of Youth for Christ

6.30 pm Evening Communion service led by Rev John Izzard.



Lesley was looking through one of her books, and a cutting fell out.  This is some of what it said:


People come to church looking for light and warmth!  They want to know we care.  Good preaching and music may attract, but relationships that nurture will keep them coming back.  You can feel lonely in a crowd, even one that preaches love and has a ‘greet your neighbour’ moment in every service. 

You say, ‘Surely if you would have friends, you must show yourself to be friendly.’  Maybe, but people bring with them the wounds of their past, the struggles of their present, and the unspoken anxieties of their future. What they want to know is, ‘Will you love me as I am, even if I don’t fit your mould and change as quickly as you’d like me to?’ 

Often our rigid structure keeps that from happening.  If your greatest concern on Monday is ‘How many people did we have in church yesterday?’ check your heart.  You may be more concerned with your own or your church’s image than meeting people’s needs. 

Jesus told His disciples, ‘…I have called you friends…’ (John 15:15).  Many people are shy, distrusting, and relationally impaired.  Our mandate is to make ‘friends’ out of them, not just seat warmers and financial contributors.  The Scripture says, ‘Bear one another’s burdens…’ (Galatians 6:2), because a burden shared is a burden lightened. 

Many of those who come to church aren’t looking for profound answers, they just want to feel cared for.  When that happens they open up to God’s love and miracles take place.

SPECIAL EVENT on Friday 1 July at 7.15 pm

Fire Starter – an evening celebration in the auditorium at Christ the King College.    

A powerful evening of encounter, helping ignite the church – with worship, word and ministry.
Speaker – Steve Uppal                                 More information on the Wight Church website.   


Hospitality is the art of making people feel at home when you wish they were.

& one from Simon:

Who can drink five litres of diesel without getting ill? Jerry can.