Newsletter 19th September 2021

Message from our Minister

One of the tendencies we all probably have is just to dip in to a few verses from the Bible rather than to read a whole passage or even one of the books. The book of Nehemiah is one that I have been thinking about over these past few days, especially in relation to our fellowship here. It is a brilliant autobiography of Nehemiah’s time in office and especially of the detailed account of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem after the exile. It is wonderfully retold and full of intrigue. It features aspects such as: deeply caring about how things were; accurately reviewing the task; having real determination in the face of ridicule; how to deal with fake news; mobilising and encouraging teams and above all, the undeniable need for prayer throughout  – and ultimately finding the joy of the Lord to be their continued strength. I would encourage you to read Nehemiah right through and see what you think. What might the Holy Spirit be saying to us today and where we are as a fellowship? The need for prayer is not an optional extra, but a vital discipline for us facing this time of challenge.

God’s richest blessings to you all, 

Rev John Izzard

Next Week

Last week we saw how David was anointed in preparation for becoming king. It was a long time before he came to the throne, and he had to negotiate many difficulties on the way. Much patience was needed. Next week we will have teaching from Andy Croft about how we can grow in patience..

Linda would like to  say a big ‘thank you’ 

thank you to the wonderful, willing volunteers who helped to clean the Ark toys. The Ark opened again on Tuesday – all those attending enjoyed a good time together

Church Council

Our next Church Council meeting is on Wednesday 6th October 2021 7.00pm

Mask Matters

The Covid committee met last Monday and agreed that we would encourage the continuation of wearing masks during the service until mid- October when the situation will again be reviewed. We thought that this was sensible in view of any possible ‘covid spike’ resulting from the IOW festival.


At this time of particular challenges,  we aim to  ‘up’ the level of prayer in the church, recognising that God is the one who makes things happen, but likes to involve us at the same time. We are therefore providing the opportunity to prayer on Tuesdays. Rev John will be leading us on the 28th September starting at 7.14 pm. (this first meeting will be on Zoom).


All the missing words can be made from the letters of H-A-R-V-E-S-T.  The verses from the Bible (NIV) will help if you’re not sure.

A Prayer for the Countries of the World

Lord, our heavenly Father, I pray for countries at war, or whose people are suffering.
Send your Holy Spirit into the hearts of people.
Allow them to solve their problems in peace, Lord.
Take the selfishness in their hearts away and send your Holy Spirit to guide their minds.

Through Christ our Lord.                               From a prayer by Bishop George Bell, in Lesley’s book.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) star Neymar receives €541,680 (£461,947) gross per month if he avoids any “political or religious propaganda that could damage the image and unity of the club”. 

That’s according to an investigation by Spanish news outlet El Mundo which leaked the forward’s contract with Qatari owned PSG.

It is understood that Neymar would receive €6,2 million (£5,28 million) a year as part of an ‘ethical clause’ included in his contract with the Parisian club. 

He is also required to avoid any “negative public comments about the club, those who work there and those who support it” as the club wants an “exemplary behaviour, especially in the field” from the player. 

The clause also encourages him to be “courteous, punctual, friendly and available to fans”. 

The 29-year-old has previously made several references to his Christian faith. He grew up going to Peniel Baptist church in his native Sao Paulo with its lead pastor Newton Lobato revealing the footballer tithes around €18,000 every year.  

Neymar once said: “Life only makes sense when our highest ideal is to serve Christ”. 

He has also been seen receiving trophies wearing a headband stating “100% Jesus”, such as the Champions league final celebration in 2016 when F.C Barcelona claimed the title. 

The Brazilian player is one of the best paid in the world. It is understood he receives around £465,000 a month without any bonuses included. 

Premier has contacted PSG for comment. 

Dear Lord, 
We thank you for Neymar’s faith. 
We ask that you would sustain his faith and grow it. Please provide mature Christians around him so they can mutually encourage each other in the faith. 
In Jesus’ name,

Amen.  (From Premier Christianity)

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