Newsletter 14th November 2021

Message from our Minister:

Today is Remembrance Sunday. We reflect on the two World Wars and subsequent conflicts. We remember the horrendous loss of life; those who were maimed physically; those who carry the mental and emotional scars and those who are still engaged in frontline battle zones today. The agony of war lives on especially for those who have lost loved ones. Please would you continue to pray and support the peacemakers; those who are prepared to stand in the gap. 

Whenever there is a tragedy of one kind or another, the cry goes out that we must learn from our mistakes and set things in place, so that, ‘it must never happen again’. But unfortunately, in many instances it does, and with monotonous regularity. Although we have the ability to bring to mind our shortcomings and failures, we often seem powerless to make any difference to the way in which we behave. Our tendency to strive for selfish rather than selfless things has become our default mode. We choose to go our own way despite the consequences. 

Simon and Garfunkel sang, ‘I am a rock, I am an island’, in one of their songs. The truth is, however, that no one is an island. It is impossible to live solely as we want to. Our actions will always impinge on other people. As Christians we have an individual and collective responsibility to live God’s way and not to be driven by our own selfish agendas.  

What a contrast then to the selfless action by Jesus on the cross at Calvary, who gave his own life, so that we might be forgiven, set free, and enjoy the full measure of God’s love. 

God’s richest blessings to you all,
Rev John Izzard          

Today is of course Remembrance Sunday 

so we will be incorporating an Act of Remembrance into our service. Rev John will also be leading us in Communion as we remember Jesus’ sacrifice for each of us. He will be reviewing some of the ‘Bad and Ugly’ with regards to our series on King David as he preaches about the affair between David and Bathsheba.


 Following on from the church council earlier this month we have arranged a date for an extraordinary church council on November 16th at 7.30pm. At this meeting we will have the opportunity to decide on the question of whether or not to apply to be registered for same-sex marriages to take place at Gunville Methodist Church. At the church council it was felt that, as there were quite a number who were unable to attend that evening, we should have a further meeting in order to make this decision in a way which would best maintain the unity of the church at Gunville.     Rev John

(No Zoom Fellowship this week)

Moving Forward

 Moving Forward is the title of the latest Methodist Evangelicals Together Connexion magazine (edited by Marian Izzard). It explores some different responses to the decisions taken at the conference about same sex marriage and cohabitation. Some give reasons for staying in the Methodist Church despite disagreeing with the decisions taken while others explain why they feel, sadly, that they must leave. Overall a balanced point of views is provided and encouragement to seek the Lord in order to ‘do whatever He tells you’ Andy has a copy of the magazine that he can lend out to anybody who would like to read it.

Next Week

Next Sunday we finish our series on ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ by seeing how God brought good out of the Bathsheba incident with the birth of Solomon. David wasn’t allowed to build the temple because of his past but he prepared the way for Solomon to do this. This was part of God’s strategy in fulfilling His ongoing promise of David’s kingdom not coming to an end – pointing to Jesus. Julie Fowler will be our preacher.

Story of David Wordsearch

Vote for SWAY

(Rev John has asked us if we can support this initiative – tokens can be given to Ellie or Naomi)

SWAY has been selected by the Gannett Foundation as one of the eight charities to benefit from a share of £20,000.  The more tokens SWAY charity collects by our supporters, the bigger our share!! 

During November, starting on Friday 5th November, please look out for special vouchers in the County Press newspaper and vote for SWAY.

These tokens can be inserted into one of the special Cash For Charities collection boxes that can be found in local supermarkets, newsagents including at Brighstone and Niton Post Office, Shorwell Village Shop.

Tokens can also be posted or dropped into Niton Methodist Church, Newport Road

 and The Exchange, New Road, Brighstone, PO30 4BB or given in at SWAY Youth Group events.

Also tokens can be sent directly to: Readers’ Choice Cash For Charity Votes, Fleet House, Hampshire Road, Weymouth, DT4 9XD

All funds raised will go towards SWAY activities helping to support families & transport within the rural communities.

So SWAY would really appreciate your vote by saving these tokens and asking your friends and families to help collect them. 



David Wordsearch Answer 

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”  Psalm 51:10

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