Newsletter 12th June 2022

Message from our Minister:

I know that it is Trinity Sunday today, and Pentecost was last week, but I want to say that the coming of the Holy Spirit is not just an historical event for Christians, but it should be a present day reality. Pentecost is a time when we remember that the church was birthed and the Christian faith began to be articulated. 

The wonderful and transformational message of new life and hope in Jesus was born and captured within the disciples. It was communicated with freedom and clarity. The Holy Spirit came upon them and they spoke without fear or restriction. They related to each one who had gathered for the Jewish Festival of Pentecost in a language that they could understand. Peter gave detail and clarification to what was happening. His speech was powerful and challenging. We are told that many came to faith that day. 

However, the thought of sharing one’s faith can bring many a mature Christian to a point of panic! Yet, if we can relax and share our faith openly, honestly and with integrity, many will listen. It is a matter of finding ways to relate the Good News with the people of today. We need to speak in a language that they can understand. We must come alongside them and meet them on their patch. The Holy Spirit will inspire us to share our faith more confidently and naturally.  

Former archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, said this about faith sharing: 

‘The most helpful way people hear the Good News of God in Jesus Christ is by a follower of Jesus Christ sharing their encounter with Jesus Christ.’

Let us therefore take every opportunity to give an account of the faith we profess.

God’s richest blessing to you all.
Rev John Izzard


 Our preacher is Stella Hardiman.  Her theme will be the healing of the crippled man at the Beautiful gate, and its aftermath, taken from Acts 3 and 4.

Next Sunday

Our preacher will be Bonnie Burns.  Her theme will be taken from Acts 10 and 11.

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The Ark and Rock Solid, meeting this week.


Fifteen biblical characters are hiding in these sentences.  Can you spot them?  The sentences are also a bit of a clue.  The answers should come out in alphabetical order (A-M only).

Food for thought

It’s hard to stumble when you’re down on your knees.
God answers knee-mail.

And more from Simon:

Where do rainbows go when they are bad? Prism – it is a light sentence

A guy goes to the gym and says, “I’d like to impress the girls, so what machine should I use?” – “The ATM outside.”

Material for next week to Martin